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A Smooth Transition from College to Career

Mrs. Long's story of perseverance and sacrifice.

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Mrs. Long had an ambitious goal; to finish college with a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education and eventually become a teacher. She wanted to do this all while raising a family with limited financial resources. But she was determined. She just needed the guidance to make her dream happen. So she joined the CareSource Life Services program in September 2018. The Life Coach she was teamed up with could immediately see the overwhelming pressure she was facing as a mother with little to no support. She was pregnant with twins just as she was starting school, and desperately needed to find part-time employment to support her family. Her Life Coach encouraged her to apply for work-study opportunities at her school and also recommended she look into internship openings as well as possible permanent employment for the future.

During this time, Mrs. Long and her husband worked hard to stay afloat financially. He took the lead on paying the day-to-day bills and the financial needs of their children. This loving support allowed Mrs. Long to primarily focus on finishing school. A big step in this journey came in August 2020. She was ecstatic to share with her Life Coach that she landed an internship at a local elementary school. Mrs. Long assisted in the classroom with educational assignments and served as a paraprofessional in providing teaching lessons. Throughout the rest of the year, Mrs. Long maintained the discipline needed to juggle the responsibilities of being a mother, student, and teacher aid.

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