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Being Resourceful

Janelle makes use of available resources to find a home.


As a new resident to Georgia from Illinois, Janelle was a “homeless” mother of three children. She was currently living with her mother in section 8 housing. Under the housing restrictions, Janelle's mother was not allowed to have other residents in the home. Being unemployed and with no knowledge of available resources in Georgia, Janelle needed community resources for housing and financial assistance. The lack of knowledge of available resources was a huge barrier to Janelle's wellness.

The CareSource care team stepped in to provide Janelle with several community resources, including Society of St. Vincent De Paul-Georgia and Gwinnett Housing Corp. In March, Janelle contacted the care team to report she heard back from a St. Vincent De Paul-GA, Hotel to Home program case worker. The case worker from the program was able to assist Janelle with her first month rent and deposit for housing. Within days, Janelle reported to the care team that she had found a move-in ready apartment for herself and her children in Gwinnett County from the Gwinnett Housing Corp.

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