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CareSource donates $150,000 to anti-trafficking efforts by Rescuing Hope and the Georgia Sheriffs' Association.

In support of Georgia's ongoing efforts to fight human trafficking, CareSource participated in a roundtable discussion led by Governor Briand Kemp and First Lady Marty Kemp. CareSource was proud to support these important initiatives through a $100,000 donation to Rescuing Hope and a $50,000 donation to the Sherriff's Association, two organizations working to protect the state's most vulnerable children from falling prey to traffickers.

“We are the voice for so many people that have been in the trenches on this issue. It's been an honor, albeit a hard one, to let our community know the cold hard truth about how brutal this crime is and how evil these people are. Victims of this crime - many of whom are children - need our help,” said Governor Kemp. “I can't thank the CareSource team enough for setting a high bar for other industries to follow -- so that organizations like Rescuing Hope and the Georgia Sheriff's Association can continue their commitment on the ground.”

The First Lady is cochair of the GRACE Commission and an outspoken advocate for combating the threat of human trafficking in Georgia. Under her leadership, the GRACE Commission is committed to tackling human trafficking, seeking justice for victims and holding bad actors accountable.

Since 2007, the national human trafficking hotline has identified 11,038 victims in Georgia, which has the 7th highest human trafficking rates in the nation. The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently named Atlanta as one of the top 14 cities with abnormally high rates of human trafficking.

“CareSource is committed to the whole health of our community,” said Jason Bearden, president of CareSource Georgia. “Protecting the youth of our state from physical and mental health threats caused by human trafficking is inherent to our mission. We have a collective responsibility to ensure that the children in our state have the opportunity to live their best and healthiest lives.”

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