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Supporting Foster Families and Families in Crisis

CareSource donates to organizations that support vulnerable families in Georgia.

CareSource is proud to assist the relaunch of Safe Families for Children (SFFC), an organization that seeks to keep children safe and families together, in Georgia by providing a $200,000 donation to the organization in order to help expand its model through “health care friends” who will serve as mentors.

Health care friends will provide support and care for children in need and help Georgia parents, foster parents, and relative caregivers navigate Medicaid resources, health care options, and assistance programs. The goal of the program is to become a long-term mentoring resource to support vulnerable families and prevent children from having to enter the foster care system.

“In order to ensure healthy outcomes for children, we must also support those who love and care about them,” said Kellie Hans-Reid, CareSource director of child and family health. “We've seen the benefits of Safe Families for Children in other states and are proud to help bring this resource to Georgia.”

79% of families who were offered Safe Families For Children hosting services were deflected from foster care.


In addition to the partnership with Safe Families for Children, CareSource is proud to contribute to two Georgia-based organizations also working to support children and families. Families First, an organization that empowers Atlanta's most vulnerable populations, will receive $50,000 to help train their clinicians to support children and families in crisis, as well as adoptive and foster families. CHRIS 180, an organization that supports families and youth in foster care, adoption or homelessness, will also receive $50,000 from CareSource to expand its Keeping Families Together wraparound program and their Adoption and Foster Care program.

CareSource is proud to invest in these initiatives and organizations that make a lasting difference for children and families in Georgia.

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