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Value Based-Care Partnerships in Georgia Increase Quality of Care

Value-based care is a model of managed care that incentivizes health care providers to emphasize quality of care over the number of patients treated. This health care delivery model reimburses primary care providers based on the health outcomes of their patients and the quality of service rendered.

Inherent to the success of any value-based care model is building trust in the community to increase participation among providers. CareSource, a nationally recognized nonprofit health plan that leads the nation with its innovative value-based care models, works closely with providers to provide high-quality care that improves health outcomes.

Doctor and child

“At CareSource, we have long recognized that our health care provider partners are vital to the success of value-based care initiatives and our goal of improving the whole health of Georgians,” said Jason Bearden, CareSource Georgia president. “We have created a wide range of customized initiatives that reward partners who provide high-quality, cost-effective care that improves health outcomes for our members — and currently more than 60% of our members are seeing a provider participating in these value-based care programs.”

In Georgia, providers participating in value-based care models have elevated the quality and access to health care across the state. Children (ages 3-21) whose providers participate in a value-based care model have demonstrable improvements in health care outcomes compared to children who are seen by providers who do not participate, according to CareSource real-time data.

CareSource recently created an award to honor the best of the best of these providers for their accomplishments. The CareSource Quality Achievement Award recognized four health care organizations across Georgia for their achievements in quality metrics. The inaugural winners of this award are:

“We are proud to partner with CareSource to provide our patients with high quality primary care services” said Dr. Nelson Madrazo of Sumter Pediatrics. “When health plans and providers work together for the good of children and their families, we elevate the quality of care for all Georgians.”

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