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Investing in Programs That Support Individuals With Disabilities.


At CareSource, we invest in initiatives and organizations that make a lasting difference in our members’ lives, and this commitment extends to individuals with disabilities. Our funding supports programs that expand opportunities for individuals with a wide variety of complex care needs, from young adults to business owners.

Contributing to Youth DECIDE Georgia
CareSource recently partnered with the Georgia Advocacy Office, Sangha Unity Network and Georgia Council on Developmental disabilities to fund Youth DECIDE Georgia. This project is designed to advance the Supported Decision-Making (SDM) movement, aimed at encouraging young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to make key life decisions about their home and work, friends and relationships, medical care and finances. The program encourages six young adults to attain leadership roles in the movement and educate them about alternatives to guardianship.

This program is designed to help individuals with I/DD gain greater self-determination, which is known to help improve health outcomes. Once critical skills are learned, the program encourages individuals to teach, mentor, and model these behaviors to their peers and communities. In addition to a robust curriculum, the program includes mentorship, a retreat and a project showcase.

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Disabilities
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 2 million Georgians have a disability, roughly 3% of the 61 million nationwide. Of that population, 1.8 million are business owners. While entrepreneurship is rarely without its challenges, disabled founders overcome even more significant barriers to participation, including social misconceptions and a lack of funding. Lack of access to capital is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges these entrepreneurs face..

Recognizing this gap in funding, CareSource has invested in Synergies SEED Fund, a new 501C(3) certified development financial institution (CFDI) offering loans to business owners with disabilities. CareSource provided the first grant of $100,000 to empower disabled entrepreneurs with capital.

Funding the Eddie Awards and Easterseals
Further, CareSource annually supports the Eddie Awards which honors entrepreneurs with disabilities and has provided funding for numerous organizations focused on supporting disabled Georgians including a $2.5 million multi-year national gift to Easterseals. Supporting disabled entrepreneurs is vital to the success of Georgia’s workforce and overall economy. CareSource is proud to take the lead by providing financial support for these innovative and impactful initiatives.

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