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Nurturing Maternal and Infant Health in Georgia


Georgia faces alarming rates of maternal and infant mortality, ranking among the worst in the nation. Disparities in geography, race and economic stability have a significant impact on maternal and infant outcomes. At CareSource, we’re working to address these complex challenges on multiple fronts.

Through meaningful partnerships, community outreach, educational resources, member programs, benefits and incentives, CareSource is focused on improving maternal health outcomes throughout the state. Our innovative and practical programs provide meaningful support, encourage earlier intervention and expand access to care, both before and after childbirth.

Our recent collaborations have addressed maternal health issues head-on. CareSource teamed up with Walmart and Johnson & Johnson to host four Walmart Baby Days events to help address Black and maternal health in Georgia. Mothers and caregivers were offered in-store opportunities to learn more about baby care and safety and connect expecting moms to local resources.

CareSource also partnered with LunaJoy Health, a leader in the women's mental health space, to deliver effective and convenient care and mental health support to high-risk mothers in Georgia throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

For more information about our efforts to support Maternal Health in Georgia, download our Impact Report.

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